100 national sites

The movement was established in 1966 at the initiative of the Bulgarian Tourist Union. Its main idea is for every tourist to get acquainted with the best and most picturesque mountains for Bulgaria, natural and historical sights, museums and monuments. The beginning is set on Cherni Vrah in Vitosha mountain. Already in the following year in July, on Mount Musala, the first winners receive their gold badges. Today, there are more than 8900 gold bearers in the country.

“Get to know Bulgaria – 100 NTOs” is one of BTS’s most prestigious initiatives. It is the most popular public movement and is emblematic for the Union, without analogy is not only in Bulgaria but also in the world. So far millions of people have touched the rich history of Bulgaria and its unique nature. There are participants not only from Bulgaria, but from Germany, Russia, France, Denmark, USA, Serbia, Ukraine. The uniqueness of the movement is that it is multi-layered, it covers not only historical but also cultural, natural and archeological landmarks. New sites are included in the already approved sites, allowing the participants to have a greater choice when visiting the landmarks in our country.