Sofia Airport

Cheap Sofia airport to Sofia city Taxi.Sofia airport location: 5 km east of Sofia
Number of terminals:
IATA code:
ICAO code:
1 Chistophor Columbus Blvd, Sofia Airport EAD, 1540 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone numbers:
+359 2 937 2211, +359 2 937 2212, +359 2 937 2213
The official airport website:

The first airport in Sofia was located on the territory of today’s central railway station and the beginning of the first flights of the internal lines were transportation of mail on two routes: Sofia-Gorna Oryahovitsa-Varna-Rousse and Sofia-Plovdiv-Yambol-Burgas. In 1939, the first building of Sofia Airport was set, in subsequent years, the terminal and runways are being built and modernized. In 2000, completely renovated Terminal 1, and in 2006 opened Terminal 2. In addition, in April 2015 was builded a subway line connecting Terminal 2 to the city center. Two terminals are interconnected by a bus line.

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