Day Tour to Krushuna Waterfalls and Devetashka Cave

Do you like waterfalls? Day tour to Krushuna Waterfalls – Devetashka Cave offer you to visite the largest and picturesque water spectacle in Bulgaria. Created from many karst terraces, it descends from a height of 20 m to stop the breath of every visitor. Krushuna Waterfalls are located 190 km from Sofia and 34 km from Lovech, and the famous Devetashka Cave is 15 km west. The cave is known as Maarata or Oknata because of seven different-sized holes in the ceiling through which light penetrates and illuminates the central hall and part of its two branches.

Pick up: tour can start from any address in Sofia.
Tour Duration: 8 to 10 hours. Depends on the number of stops and time spent at attractions.
Price: from €170 for a group for up to 4 people. Will vary depending on your chosen vehicle type, number of passengers. Price you can check in the table below.
Accepted payment methods: cash.

All our tours are individual. It means you are travelling in your company without other people. Thus, you can independently choose the route, how much time to spend in one place or another, where and when to make a stop to refresh and have lunch.

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Prices for day tour to Krushuna Waterfalls and Devetashka Cave

Route:up to 4:up to 6:
Private day tour from Sofia to Krushuna Waterfalls and Devetashka Cave170 €200 €

Price for day tour to Krushuna Waterfalls and Devetashka Cave


  • Chosen vehicle with a driver
  • Baby seats if required
  • VAT, fuel, paid parking
  • Good mood and a lot of impressions

not include:

  • Entry tickets
  • Food, drinks
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips

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About Krushuna Waterfalls and Devetashka Cave:

Krushuna Waterfalls


The Krushuna waterfalls (Maarata) are located near Krushuna village, Letnitsa municipality, Lovech region. It is the largest water travertine cascade with many thresholds, pools and rich plant and animal species. The first and largest waterfall of the cascade is the 15-meter-long Praskaloto, which, along with the next smaller waterfalls, are commonly called Krushuna Waterfalls. It is divided into several sleeves and creates several more waterfalls. The way is damp and saturated with water drops. The area is completely impassable. Without the stairs and the eco-path you can not reach the source of the waterfall. It is hidden in the cave of the same name. Under limestone rock thereto is a narrow path.

For the convenience of tourists, there is an eco-path where one can enjoy the exquisite picture inspired by the crystal water of the waterfalls and the fresh green vegetation of the surrounding area for hours. The path starts at the lowest part of the cascade and gradually ascends to the top of the cascade to descend again down to the starting point of the route. It takes about an hour and a half to get around all the sights along the eco-path without hurrying.

Devetashka cave


Only 15 km from Krushuna waterfalls are located Devetashka cave. One of the biggest caves in Bulgaria. Its entrance has a height of 35 meters and a width of 30 meters. The Devetashka cave is dry, very spacious and well protected from strong air currents. There are seven huge openings on its ceiling, called by the local Oknata. From the central hall about 200 m from the entrance are separated the two branches. The left is more than two kilometers long, through which runs a small river that passes through the central hall and flows into the Osam River. The right one is dry and warm. Its entrance has a height of 2.5 m and a width of 5, 70 m. Inwards it expands and forms a rectangular hall – 50 m long and 10 – 15 m wide. This branch ends with a small circular gallery known as the Altar. 

The cave is also known for its diversity of faunal residents. There are 12 species of protected amphibians, Aesculapian snake (included in the Red Book), a southern crested triton, a tree frog, a common marsh turtle, Hermann’s tortoise (included in the World Red List), 82 species of birds in the area, 34 species of mammals (4 of which are included in the Red Book of Bulgaria and 15 in the World Red List) and 15 species of bats.