Day Tour to Nessebar and Sozopol

Visit two of the most ancient cities on the warm and sunny Black Sea coast of Bulgaria on a private day tour to Nessebar and Sozopol. With over 35 centuries of history, these two cities are rich in culture and incredible sights.

Nessebar is an ancient and picturesque town, one of the most visited resort towns in Bulgaria. Initially, the city was called Messembria or Mesambria, which means “the city of Melsa”, in memory of the legendary founder Melsa, the leader of the first settlers. This legend is mentioned by the Roman historian and geographer Strabo in his encyclopedia written in the 1st century BC. In addition to the tourists who come here every year, about 13,000 locals live here. The city is divided into two parts: Old and New Nessebar. Local residents live in the new part of the city, there are also residential complexes and hotels. The Old Town is an open-air museum city. In 1956, Nessebar was declared a cultural and archaeological monument, and in 1983 it was taken under the protection of UNESCO as a monument of world cultural heritage.

Sozopol is the oldest city on the Black Sea in southern Bulgaria. Thanks to its rich historical past, Sozopol is not just a seaside resort, but also a place where many cultural and historical monuments are collected. The city is surrounded by fragments of a restored medieval fortress wall with a rectangular tower. Once these walls protected the seaport from enemies. An early Byzantine granary, a wooden well of the 4th-3rd centuries have been preserved in Sozopol. BC e., plumbing 5 c. BC. and a chapel from the 13th-14th centuries. Also you can visit the Archaeological Museum, which presents the history of all the peoples who have ever lived in these places, can complement the journey through the Old City.


Don’t know how to get to Nessebar or Sozopol? We offer individual trips and will be happy to take you!
If you wish, you can organize a full-day excursion, adding a visit to the Ravadinovo castle, a stop in Burgas or a walk along the Ropotamo River.
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Price for day tour to Nessebar and Sozopol

From:Up to 4:Up to 6:
Sunny Beach170 €190 €
Nessebar170 €190 €
St Vlas170 €190 €
Burgas170 €190 €


  • Chosen vehicle with a driver
  • Baby seats if required
  • VAT, fuel, paid parking
  • Good mood and a lot of impressions

not include:

  • Entry tickets
  • Food, drinks
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips

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